Midweek Series 2010
Ranelagh is about sailing in Central London on the Thames. Arguably, tidal currents, commercial river traffic and plenty of rowing activity add to the navigational challenges. And with trees and tall buildings on the river bank, in particular the FFC stadium, turbulent winds can be a challenge for dinghy sailors of any ability.

The main classes sailed at Ranelagh are Merlin Rocket, N12, Laser and Solo. Club boats are well maintained and competitive.

The sailing programme is a combination of regular club races and special events. The club races are grouped into four points series, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, with trophies for the overall winner on handicap and prices for the winners in the main classes. Throughout the year there are special Trophy races, sometimes joint events with neighbouring sailing clubs, which do not count for the regular points series. Ranelagh also hosts several open meetings for the main classes, which are part of the nationwide circuits of class events. Finally, when the days are particularly long from late April into July, the club hosts the open London Mid-Week series. The series runs over 6 evenings, spread out over two or three months, with races starting between 18:00 and 20:00 depending on daylight conditions.

Occasionally, Ranelagh hosts major Tideway Races for much larger fleets of up to 100 boats, sailing on the outgoing tide into central London and back.