The first three charts shows the latest wind measurements from the Ranelagh weather station. Refresh the page to make sure the latest charts are loaded.

Wind speed and direction are being upated automatically every 10 minutes.

Ranelagh wind chartRanelagh wind direction chart

The wind rose shows the directions of the wind above the Ranelagh race box over the last 24 hours and gets refreshed on an hourly basis. The interactive map shows wind forcasts. You can drag the map, zoom in/out, move the pointer, change the forecast time by moving the slider at the bottom. Also the wind logo in the top right corner allows selecting gusts or other weather data to display:

Ranelagh wind rose

Next is a detailed wind forecast table from another source. Again, this is an interactive widget. Use the slider at the top to change the day and click on the units to change from m/s to mph or Beaufort.

And finally, here is a link to the met-office website, providing specific forecasts for a rather large obstruction on the opposite shore.

(Thanks to Greg for building the weather station and the connection to our website)