Winter Points 2014 - including WP16

Results after the first 16 races of the Winter Point Series 2014. Races 8 & 9 cancelled for weather.

Winter Points series
C. Edwards5139444743394851494348294
P. Dunoyer4848454851454741414851294
N. Wilson494951484444493940290
N. Edwards495147494643285
N. Price4647474645403851282
H. Schricke514047434549275
S. Elliot514351484235270
G. de Riberolles46484148453839267
N. Davies414546384449263
D. Long494145354644260
M. Wollny444639453742253
T. Stolper4840464837219
U. Hodgkins47514747192
S. Edwards49494245185
N. Long45413634156
M. Airey474448139
E. Beaver433943125
P. Casenave413944124
W. Hodgkins454994
R. Tolkien454590
T. F Foch414990
M. Shenk423981
M. Stockbridge5151
C. Ingram5151
R. Davies5151
C. Cooper4949
J. Hayward4747
I Davies4343
V. West3636
C. Edwards51515149465149515151306
N. Edwards515149494747294
N. Davies494748464851289
S. Elliott474751494646286
S. Edwards4848514949245
E. Beaver494145135
T. Stolper494897
T. Foch444993
P. Casenave494151141
R. Tolkien454590
M. Shenk474188
R. Davies5151
J. Hayward4949
C. Cooper4848
I. Davies4646
N. Price5151515147515151306
N. Wilson514949515149514949302
D. Long494947484851292
P. Dunoyer4949
M. Airey4848
V. West4747
P. Dunoyer49484751484751474549296
M. Wollny495147474847289
G. deRiberolles47484949474546286
H. Schricke5151475149249
N. Long51494644190
T. Stolper514948148
M. Airey4951100
M. Stockbridge5151
C. Edwards5151
U. Hodgkins4951514951251
H. Schricke5151
C. Ingram5151
W. Hodgkins5151