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Dec 3rd - on the water results

A gentle sail - just enough breeze to keep the fleet moving and dust the cobwebs off from last night. Guillaume and Fran decided to race test Nick P's old Merlin (Diablo) - including an unscheduled buoyancy test, which unsurprisingly put the handbrake on their progress at the front of the fleet and handed an on the water win to Thomas and Chris.

Thames Series Ranelagh Spring Merlin Rocket Open

Dan & Jennie, worthy winners!

Merlin Rockets at Ranelagh SC
Sunday 6th March

Despite the conflicts with Mothering Sunday and the Dinghy Show, a strong turnout of 16 merlin rockets arrived on Putney Embankment to compete for a trophy first awarded in 1946. This was particularly appropriate as while some were racing at Ranelagh, those at Alexandra Palace were eating cake and drinking Prosecco to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the class.

Summer Series Table 2015

Current ranking after 16 races

Summer Points Races 12-16

Events took place between Aug 22nd and Sep 09th.

Summer Points Races 6-11

These race took place between July 25 and Aug 16

Summer Points Race 4-5

Below are the results of race 4 in the Summer Points Series.
Date: 18/19 July 2015
Race Officer: Ian Gatenby
Safety Boat: Nick Wilson / Victor West